Michael Lipford

I’m sorry about what happened. You came on so quickly and I had just gotten out of the mental ward after spending two weeks in there with people who were way more disturbed than I was. I needed some time to decompress. Meeting you in person was just too much for me to handle at that time. I know that if circumstances had been different I would have fallen madly in love with you. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Mr. Crowley

Thank you for carrying me.

I can still feel those rotten molars. Crazy.

Beyoncé pretty much sums up The Age of Katherine. Not many spirits know about me and how integral I am to this reality, but those who do are cherished.

Dirty Old Man

He’s the one chasing me, I’m not looking him up. He’s obviously the one having trouble letting go. Unfortunately for me, I’m a channeler, so I have to feel his bullshit.



“I know one million ways to always pick the wrong fantasy.”

For Eugene: The difference between me and my brother Kevin is that I don’t feel alienated from black folk. The Jeffersons it is.

Deja Vu

I have a supernatural stalker. I really don’t know what he wants from me.

You put the suggestion into me that I should quit smoking. I did it. What you came to do was accomplished. There’s no reason for you to continue stalking me. Haven’t seen you in over a year. There’s no reason for me to see you ever again.


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