Black and White Magick/Power

There are two kinds of power that I work with — Black Power and White Power.

They must be balanced, so I was drawn to Buddhism and I learned how to walk the Middle Path.

White Power is very scary. It straightens the spine, it makes you want to run, it gives you piercing eyes like an eagle, it makes people take notice of you and they fear you. It feels like a lightning bolt constantly running through you. It makes you grind your jaw and it rots your teeth.

Black Power can also be very scary. It’s soul magick. It makes you dance and makes you want to make music. Black Power smells good and you are drawn to rich scents. Too much of it can give you The Blues, and once you have that, there’s no turning back, you’re going to need an antidepressant for the rest of your life if you’re not wearing black skin. I am not, so I now take a high dose of Lexapro.


When I had both powers coursing through me at full strength I was walking in between angelic and demonic realms. The powers were exuding from my skin, everybody bowed to me, I held the reigns of Eternity. I commanded my world. I could see the strings that held people into this life and the next. It was no way to live, so I cut myself really badly and had myself committed to Olive View Mental Ward for two weeks.  They gave me meds that let me sleep and stopped me from crying. The powers were still running through me, and the world still looked like I had walked through the looking glass, but as the months and years went on, with the help of my medication and some psychological therapy, I began to balance the two energies, tame them, and now have some semblance of Peace.


Miracles still happen around me, but I don’t feel like a cat puffed up, tail up in the air, hissing anymore. I don’t dance with spirits anymore and I don’t dare touch my guitar, but I can listen to music again.


Had I not gone through the terrible dental pain that I went through for almost a decade, I never would have been able to stand the amount of powers that I did. Power like that is painful. It’s God using one as a vessel.


So I ask, who seduced who?




I never sold my soul, I just made an even trade.


Lucifer is the planet Venus. My sign is ruled by Venus.

Satan is Azazel, who has fourteen faces, but I suspect that he’s acquired more over the centuries.



Azazel/Satan actually speaks with a tenor voice, when he’s not doing a pretty damn good George Carlin impersonation. He also speaks fluent Egyptian. The only thing spooky about his voice that I found was his use of my brother’s intonations and laughter one night, in an attempt to draw me closer to him. Totally not into incest.

He’s really hairy, I mean like wearing a sweater hairy. He has a sickly sweet scent that smells like pure sex.

The thing about him is, he comes dressed up as everything you ever wished for, so be careful what you wish for. Before evoking such an entity into your realm, make sure you’ve seen a good psychologist for at least three years to work out all your kinks first. Then after that, if you still for some insane reason want to still evoke him, write him well. I can only give this advice because I did everything the wrong way. Don’t fall into the pit that I did with him.

He wanted my virginity, he got my virginity. I wanted a black president, I got a black president. Unfortunately doing things his way led to an unnecessary war, followed by the rise of the Tea Party. I always say that there’s no difference between fundamentalist Christians and satanists.

Also remember, he’s a clown. I’m serious, that’s what he is. There’s a reason why children find clowns scary.


He seduced me by getting me to give in to my fear. That’s why I should have been seeing a therapist since I was a teenager, so I had a handle on my fear.


Now I just go ride big roller coasters for that rush.


Yeah that’s a good idea. Instead of evoking Azazel/Satan into your life, just get a season pass to your local Six Flags. It’ll do you a world of good.


Oh and another thing, you don’t have to go through any major rituals to get fallen angels to appear. You just have to open your mind to them. The trick, I’m finding now, is how to close it when you’re finished with them. I have to put him out of my mind entirely, because any time I think of him it opens up a rapport because I am a natural channeler. It’s the worst before I go to sleep. I have to exit my body and talk to myself, keeping my mind blank to everything but my breath and the sound of my own voice.

Conjuration of the Good Spirits

O you glorious and benevolent angels, Urzla, Zlar, Larzod, Arzal, who are the four angels of the East, I invocate you, adjure and call you forth to visible apparition in and through the great prevalent and divine name of the Most Holy God Erzla, and by the ineffable and efficacious virtues and power thereof, whereby you are governed and called forth, it being therefore absolutely necessary, pre-ordained, appointed and decreed. Now therefore I do most earnestly intreat and powerfully adjure you, O you benign angels Urzla, Zlar, Larzod, Arzal in this potent name of your God Erzla to move and appear visibly, and show yourself to me in this crystal stome (or mirror) here before me. And in and through the same, to transmit your ray to my sight and your voice to my ears that I may audibly hear you and plainly see you and earnestly adjure you, O benevolent and amicable angels Azla, in the most excellent name of your God Erzla, and I a servant of the highest do efficaciously invoke you to appear now perfectly visible to me, O you servants of mercy, come and show yourselves firmly unto me and let me partake of the secret wisdom of your creator. Amen.



Since I was a child I knew it was going to Satan or Jesus who took my virginity. Satan showed up first. Should have waited for Jesus I suppose, but Christians have been waiting for him for millenia, and a woman has needs.


I exorcise the, O impious Satan. In vain dost thou boast of this deed. I command thee to restore it as a proof before the whole world that when God receiveth a sinner, thou hast no longer any rule over her soul. I abjure thee by her who expelled thee from thy stronghold, bereft thee of the arms which thou didst trust in, and distributed thy spoils. Return therefore this deed whereby this creature of God foolishly bound herself to thy service; return it, I say, in His name by whom thou art overcome. When thy power has come to nothing, presume not longer to return this useless document. By penitence already has this creature of God restored herself to her true Lord, spurning the yoke, hoping in the Divine mercy for defense against thine assaults.






I require thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, that thou give thy virtue and power over all thine angels which were throwne downe from heaven to deceive humanitie to draw them to me, to tie and bind them, and also to loose them, to command them to do all they can and that by no means they contemne my voice or the words of my mouth. But that they obeie me and my saiengs, and feate me. I beseech thee by thine humanitie, mercie and grace, and I require thee, Adonay, Amay, Horta, Vegedora, Mitai, Hel, Suranat, Ysion, Ysey, and by all thy holie names, and by all thine holie he-saints and she-saints, by all thy angels and archangels, powers, denominations and vertues, and by that name that Salomon did bind the devils, and shut them up, Elrach, Ebanher, Agle, Goth, Ioth, Othie, Venoch, Nabrat, and by all these holie names which are written in this booke, and by the vertues of them all, that thou enable me to congregate all thy spirits throwne down from heaven, that they may give me a true answer of all my demands, and that they satisfy all my requests, without the hurt of my bodie or soule, or anything that is mine, through Our Lord Jesus Christ thy sonne, which liveth and reigneth with thee in the unitie of the Holie-Ghost, one God, world without end.


Dear Ladies

Don’t ever fall for this piece of shit they’re singing about:

Don’t be weak. He turns it on thick, you’ve got to always wear noseplugs.

Trust in this:

I’m not sure what I was put on this earth for. I’ve controlled the weather, I’ve influenced politics, I didn’t save the black rhino, unfortunately, I’ve created paths for people to walk. I sure as shit know that I wasn’t put on this earth to be Satan’s plaything. I do as God wills me to do from now on.


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