Malcontent, Sarin and Antzein

I’m the black Katt.

You people bore me. Playing roles I felt like I’d written a lifetime ago. Nobody can keep up with me it seems. Wanting to come to my door three years too late. You fools just make me cry. All you care about is the visual, you don’t listen to the message. *slinks away*


Dreamed this morning that I was trying to get Lenny to turn Suzy out. I mean, what else is she good for. She won’t work, all she does is drugs and play video games. The only thing she has going for her are her pussy and her mouth. So I was telling him he’d better make sure she was able to give a good, fast blowjob. Oh my lord, the way my brain works.

I met men yesterday. Yep. I’m close to my period so pheremones are just wafting off of me.

R.I.P. Happy

My dog Happy just died. He’s now in Heaven with his two daddies, Bobby and Marcus.

My thighs hurt from lifting Happy up into the wheelchair. He died while we were on a walk and I had to go get my mother’s wheelchair in order to bring him home because he was over 50 pounds. Beagles are not supposed to weigh that much. I’m so sad because he was doing so well, he was losing weight, he was playful, his blood work came back positive, the vet said his lungs and his heart sounded good. The only problem was that he had Kennel Cough. Maybe he was misdiagnosed and it was something worse.

Satan is a Super Computer?

Bah! I happen to know that Satan is a massage therapist who spends his time picking up middle aged women. He doesn’t have time for these weird conspiracy theorists. He’s too busy screwing divorcĂ©es.

A woman I knew came to me, told me that she was barren. I talked to the angels and said that I wanted her to have twins. She did. Twin boys.,_Inc.


The colon cleanse is going along well. I’m going to finish the bottle before I start my Garcinia Cambogia.

I haven’t painted my nails in over a week. I’m slacking. I’m totally on top of my skincare game, though. I haven’t done my hair since Marc’s memorial. Just brushing after it dries. I actually am in dire need of a haircut. I’m growing my hair out pretty long, but you gotta get rid of those split ends a few times a year and add fresh layers.

I haven’t even gotten around to putting up Christmas yet, because 1) My friend is storing a bunch of food “temporarily” in my living room, and 2) I’m lazy as fuck right now. I finally cleaned the turkey pan and platter from Thanksgiving yesterday. I’m not used to being the one who has to do all the holiday stuff. My job for years has been the outdoor lights. Now it’s EVERYTHING!, and I’ve got this woman who doesn’t have her shit together storing stuff all over the house. She was supposed to pick it all up yesterday, but now she says she’ll do it today. We’ll see. If it’s not out by today, everything goes in the driveway underneath the tarp she left here.

She had three months notice over at Marc’s house to get out and find a place and a job, and what did she do? Do drugs and sleep all day and bitch about everybody else doing the same. She made minimal effort to improve her situation, and she has a fucking toddler. Now I’m not going to call CPS on her (yet), but if any of our friends wants to do so then that’s fine by me.

It’s good that all those leeches are finally out of that flop house. It was getting really bad. I think there were 15 people staying there. Angie was just inviting people to come on in as though it was her place. Really disrespectful to Marc’s memory. I love the woman, but she’s got a strain of shadiness running though her veins. Thank God the saga of Lenny and Suzy is over. I guess they’re living in the van now.

I am glad that I have two good friends come out of that sitch, though. Lori, whom I’ve gotten closer to, and my friend Shellie. Shellie was staying at Marc’s off and on for a couple of years. She was harmless, although she does have a temper… and so did Marc, so there were a few clashes. I’m glad to have gotten to know her and consider her a good friend now. I always smoke weed with her, she’s totally majic. She reminds me a lot of the good side of my brother Jon. The Jon I love, not the manipulative crumudgeon who will hold onto every last injustice done to him till the day he dies.

I actually still have some money in my account, despite buying a vacuum cleaner and Christmas presents and a new phone this month. I have to buy flea stuff for my cat and my dog still, but I’ll still have about 130 bux for the rest of the month. I suppose I should buy the animal food with it, since my mom is STILL waiting on her checks from Social Security. I need to get some chicken into the house too. I’m running out of things to cook for dinner. We’re having Jack in the Box tonight and French toast with bacon tomorrow evening. Our lunches are salad with hard boiled eggs. We don’t really do breakfast. I should thaw out the pork chops tomorrow and have that with mashed potatoes and broccoli on Wednesday night. Then a pork stir fry on Thursday.

I’ve got to save up $500 for a new crown. I don’t know if my SSI is getting cut off next month or not. I haven’t received a letter. I was only granted three years, and that’s up on the first. They’re supposed to send me a letter, or some forms to extend. I really can’t start working right now. My mom needs me at home. She’s been very shaky and unsteady and has fallen down a few times in the past three weeks.

My plan is to start school next semester, be assessed and all that good stuff, get an LVN license so I can start working as soon as possible, and work on my RN degree. Somewhere in there I need to get a car. It’ll be a lot of work. I’m going to need a lot of energy, so I’m giving the Garcinia Cambogia a try.

This is gross, but..

I’ve been using a colon cleanser for the past two days. Well, I had two eggs yesterday, plus a bowl of pasta. But what I crapped out this morning was that, plus a steak, a burrito, some pizza from ten years ago. Oh my God, it’s true! Poop stays in your bowel! Anyway…