Had a dream last night that this guy I used to talk to on (back in its heyday when they had the awesome message boards) asked me to go to France with him. He found me on Instagram, which I do not actually have an account at. Oh Bolt! So much of my life was wasted on you!

If you were on Bolt back in the day and remember katt73, hit me up in the comments.

I try not to be attracted to married men, but LOOK AT HIM:

Boris Kodjoe


Dirty Dream

Dreamed last night that I was a submissive anal slut to Robert Palmer and some other celeb, can’t remember. It was a weird dream. It was was one of my horror movie dreams.

Okay, there was this possessed ketchup bottle that I had to get rid of, but it came back as a creature and tried to kill me. Well, I remember crazy things coming to kill me and a group of people in a cabin somewhere, flying above a weird caterpillar thingy with some guy, actually holding onto him while he was fling. Seeing the caterpillar walk up to this guy, reach into his mouth and pull on something and POP went his head. The guy who was flying was finally carrying about six people, and he tired out and had to land. So these creatures came out of the woods to kill us, and when they got to me, the thing put it’s hand in my mouth and I kept waiting for my head to POP, but I just crossed over and there was a guy there who was like, “Welcome” There was this buffet and a bunch of people and I went looking for a plate, went to a cupboard and grabbed some dish and all these crystal dishes fell out and broke. Everybody stopped and looked at me *record scratch*, and I told them I’ll clean it up I swear! So someone handed me a broom and told me I’d better sweep it up fast or the Constrictor would constrict me. So I swept and swept but none of the mess was moving and I felt myself being grabbed from behind and constricted. lmao. They all said, you’re going to jail for 6 million years now, and the constrictor carried me whilst constricting me tighter and tighter over to this door in the ground that looked like a bomb shelter. Someone opened it up and they made me crawl down there. When I got to the bottom it was full of water (and I just now realize that it looked like a giant toilet tank), but luckily there was a light. They locked me in. Suddenly there were windows in there and they kept coming by to say hello and ask how my 6 million years was going (Scientology much?). Because I wouldn’t answer them they told me, well now they Wolf and the Scorpion will come and teach you some respect.) Oh lord. So I was set loose in this shopping mart, and I found a (this is a big run on paragraph, I know) a kid’s toy basket. I picked up kids toys that I kept finding and then looked up and there was Robert Palmer and the other celeb standing there. They told me that they were the Wolf and the Scorpion and led me into their realm. The scorpion suddenly grabbed me from behind and I felt something go up my butt, but I was all like “No!”, so my vagina was stimulated and then he put his stinger up my butt again and I let him. It went way up to my tonsils I swear. It stopped and the two of them walked me around the nether world and told me that the other people up above were idiots and this was where the real fun was. I’m gonna stop here, but needless to say, everybody in the netherworld liked things up their butts.