Now Accepting Applications

I am now accepting applications for a new lover. Must be a non-smoker, must be able to control their alcoholic intake, must smoke weed, must believe in the power of Love. Cannot be an immature asshole, cannot be a Republican, racist, sexist, homphobic, Fundie. I prefer darker skin tones and penises that are bigger than seven inches, but I can work with anything as long as you’re a decent guy.

No meth or heroin addicts. In fact, no addicts at all.


Also, you must accept that I’m a package deal. My mother is part of the equation whether you like it or not. I was only reincarnated to take care of her and her alone.


I have to forgive Satan. Motherfucker really aggravated my PTSD, so it’s hard for me to not have flashbacks about him, and they’re all painful, as flashbacks tend to be. He was a real cunt to me, but he also made me hornier than any other lover. I’ve been stuck in a repeating cycle with him, that I want to end. I want to go free, I want him to go free. I just want Peace. Why doesn’t anybody else?

(It does kind of suck that you would choose one of my worst Passion Plays I ever wrote in order to have sex with me and my doppelganger. Kind of a dick move on your part. And then to choose her over me? I might have written that, but you could’ve gone off script and then I never would have wound up getting date raped in Florida. You could have saved me instead of looking at me disdainfully after using me for sex and calling me a mess. I mean, you are a fucking cunt. I hope you realize that.

And then to show up 9 years later, flirt with me mercilessly, Get me to fall for you again,  then “tell” me that you can only marry an Egyptian woman. You could have saved me again, from having to watch Marc die, but no, you just had to be a stupid little cunt about it.

And then when Marc is dying, show up kneeling at a gate, say “Hi sexy” and proceed to yell at me as I’m running away from you about how you almost fell in love with me, like that would be a bad thing.)

And then show up and threaten me with a knife at a garage sale.)

I hope my screams filled up your head.

And then show up with my alcoholic ex-friend at his mother’s house, drunk, and procaliming to be Robby’s boyfriend and telling him “Love ya” so that I could hear that. And yes I did hear you beg for my forgiveness, but I don’t think you know what you want forgiveness for, so I’m telling you. At least you’re not showing up at bars or my jobs anymore trying to fuck me, because I turn you on so much. Did you get a little taste of Heaven with me or something?)

And I would like to know one more thing from you. Why exactly did you and Lisa lie to me about you getting her pregnant and then her having an abortion? Because a chick like that would definitely be on some form of birth control. Also, I don’t think you would go out dancing the day after an abortion. If the point was to scare me off, why the fuck did you keep coming around? God that was a cunt thing to do to me! Did you just crave to see me cry? I never let you see me cry once, and I was almost always holding back tears. Thank God Appy kept me from going to your birthday party, and thank God Marc burned that picture of you that Lisa gave to me.)

I learned a lot from you. I learned how to not be a manipulative little cunt sociopath. You made me into a better person, whether you like it or not. I’ll never sleep with you again, so quit trying. And quit worrying about my weight. That’s none of your business. Do I question you about your scrawny ass? And don’t ever interfere with one of my relationships again. I was going to marry that guy and have babies with him.

Hopefully, you read this, whether in real life or in a dream. We’re finished. I’m never going to let you back into my life again, and you forcing your way in just makes me angrier with you. If you want to be forgiven, then be forgiven. If you can’t forgive yourself and can only take solace in bothering me further, then fuck you, you fucking asscunt! I know that I am a Class A dominatrix, but I really don’t want to punish you. I find punishing people tedious, and a waste of my good energy. There’s too much I need to accomplish, I don’t need to get caught up in another game of ethereal whips and chains.


I think I’m going to survive the Trump years by laughing at as much shit as I possibly can. I mean, it’s ridiculous that he’s going to be POTUS. It’s gotta be some cosmic joke. White supremacy making a comeback? For real? You have to be kidding! People can’t be that stupid, can they?


I know one thing, I am blocking out the Pain he’s going to be causing. If I feel it, chances are it’ll get worse, so I’m going to stay as light-hearted as possible, and pray that he and Mike Pence get impeached sooner, rather than later.

Ladies, Enjoy Your Food.

I’m used to men seeing me as a sexual object. Why do you think I keep myself fat? It creates a pretty good barrier, and weeds out the immature know-nothings from bothering me. Right now I’m learning how to throw my weight around. I have to lose weight for my health, but I don’t think I’ll allow myself to be any smaller than a size 10. Any smaller and it’s Crazy Town. A woman needs to enjoy her food in this life, not obsess over it. It’s better to be a fat happy Buddha (to a point) than a sickly hunger-starved basket case.


Donations for Standing Rock

But many of us can spare a little to help support those on the front lines who are protecting all of us from poisoned water.

Perhaps the easiest way to donate is through the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s PayPal fund, which will be allotted for “legal, sanitary, and emergency purposes,” and can be found here, or through the Tribe’s GoFundMe page, here.

If you would prefer to write a check, make it payable to “Standing Rock Sioux Tribe” and send it to:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Attention: Donations

PO Box D

Building #1

North Standing Rock Avenue

Fort Yates, ND 58538

Beyond the monetary, donations of equipment, food, first aid supplies, and warm clothing are a necessity. If you are unsure about what to send, this list can be a guide:

  • Blankets, sleeping bags, padding, quilts
  • Food, particularly canned goods, pasta, rice, and other non-perishables
  • Clothing, including coats, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, earmuffs, water-resistant and waterproof outerwear, rain gear, snowsuits, and the oft-forgotten socks — especially wool socks and those designed to keep moisture out
  • Camping equipment, like tarps, tents, flashlights, batteries, lamps, reusable plates and silverware, and more
  • First aid supplies

Water protectors also are in need of equipment to document the abuses wrought by law enforcement, since live feeds are often cut by police when incidents turn ugly. Tech supplies are in high demand, such as:

  • Phone chargers, portable phone chargers
  • Cameras, even the point-and-shoot variety
  • Laptops
  • USB drives
  • Power strips

All of these can be sent to the following address:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Attention: Donations

PO Box D

Building #1

North Standing Rock Avenue

Fort Yates, ND 58538

Beyond the donation of money and goods, you can support Dakota Access Pipeline construction in a variety of ways — particularly by pressuring President Obama, the Department of Justice, and Congress to halt this continued exploitation of Native Americans and the sullying of our drinking water supply. Contacting those responsible — telling them in no uncertain terms this project is intolerable and the violence being wrought is unacceptable could force the people in charge to reconsider.

Contact information and a number of other ways to assist the water protectors — including legal defense funds — can be found here.

If we, as a nation of beautifully varied cultures and traditions, look past our differences and realize this is our battle — a stand against reckless corporate greed and taxpayer-funded violence — then we will, indeed, move mountains.

And when we put our collective foot down, we can stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL

Full Article here:

I’m Pregnant with Something

I had a full-blown sexual fantasy about getting pregnant, getting married, and having the baby. That only happens when I’m in a state of Creation, and I haven’t had a fantasy like that in about 4 to 5 years. What is it I am going to Create? I would like to Create something to counter War, Disease, Famine, Pestilence, Despair, Pain, and Confusion.

I would like to Create some form of Protection, for those who need it most. I would like to Create the Antithesis to the Fear of Love. I think I’m going to enlist The Pope in this one. He’s my Hierophant. About time a Jesuit sat on that throne. The Catholics are very big in what I’m going to be doing. I want more of them in the world right now. I’m not going to convert, but I will be working with the Saints. In my own way. I’ve learned a lot from Hoodoo, but it’s time for me to take what I’ve learned and Create something new.

I have no interest in Palo, or Santeria because you can make sacrifices without killing a living being. I have made so many sacrifices over the years, it’s not even funny, and I never took one life, technically.

It’s time for me to start walking the neighborhood again. Make my presence known again.