Uh Oh

My two new cross necklaces have both given me a rash around my neck. They are two different kinds of metal. I’m fucking doomed!


(I’m hoping that this is just a symptom of the candida cleanse pills that I’m currently taking.)

My Partner in Alcoholism

I just looked at an ex-friend of mine’s facebook profile, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well she’s doing. She appears to be in a loving relationship, she’s finally turned into a real woman, and her weight is under control. Good on her!



Free Agent

I have no man in my life, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I feel liberated knowing that I have no one to answer to but myself and my Creator.



If you feel guilty about something that you’ve done to me, don’t pester me about it. I really don’t care. Forgive yourself, and don’t make the same mistake with someone else.


To Whom it May Concern,

I don’t want to know you. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want you thinking about me. I don’t want to experience telepathy with you. Go free and leave me to my own freedom.

My Poor Scalp

Since I heard that Prince died, I have scratched my scalp raw and bloody in some spots. Just put a bunch of antibiotic ointment on it and I’m keeping it wrapped in a bandana.



Purple Reign, eh? That’s just fucking adorable, now isn’t it?

Fucking Yeast!





So I’m going to use up all my artificial sweetener drinks, before I move on to almost no sugar at all. I’m not ready to cut out processed foods at the moment because I don’t have the energy to do that much cooking just yet. So what I’m doing is no candy, no sweet soda, no sweet teas, no sweet drinks period, no cakes, no cookies, no muffins, no quick breads, no pie, no jam or jelly, nothing desserty. I’ll still use ketchup for the time being as well as certain sauces, but I’ll use them sparingly. I’ll see how I do with bread.


I’ve got a bottle of Purely Holistic’s Candida Cleanse that I will be starting on Thursday.


Tonight I am enjoying a big bowl of sugared berries, before I cut out sugar.


That wasn’t cute, to kill him in the elevator. I don’t appreciate that shit.


I have touched A LOT of people’s lives and most of them don’t even know me, don’t know what I look like, what I sound like. They know what my puppets look like… but not me. That is a real trip. I’ve gotta be really careful with what I do in this life. That’s why I’m so obsessed with conspiracy theory, because I know that in each major conspiracy there is a layer of truth. I want the world as open and visible as I can see it. I don’t like lies.┬áThe idea that there is a Shadow Government running the show really upsets me and I want to know as much about it as I can.


What I’m interested in is this phenomenon called the Crisis Actor. Are these people human, or are they more like the Moth Man? Or are they angels or demons? See that’s what I’m thinking, instead of it being a False Flag Operation. Maybe they’re demons hanging out watching their creations, and well, getting their pictures taken by being interviewed. I mean, if you believe in the Spiritual World you might see it that way.

I’ve had too many experiences with spiritual and supernatural beings, both light and dark, to not believe. Fuckers are attracted to me like flies to honey.


I had a really realistic dream about an alien invasion about 9 years ago. My mom is almost the age she was in the dream.


Mary Magdalene

They’re doing a movie biopic on Mary Magdalene starring Rooney Mara. Yes, I agree. She looks just like a middle eastern Hebrew woman. /sarcasm If they show her as a prostitute I will be incredibly pissed off. She was NOT a whore.

Joaquin Phoenix will play her Jesus.


Why doesn’t Hollywood make a movie about Samson and Delilah or something about King Solomon? Leave Jesus alone.

Babalon Deconstruction

The bitch literally gave me a headache when I woke up from my dream about her. You fucked up your own life, bitch. I just gave you a push so that you wouldn’t be able to fuck up your daughter’s. You are free now to continue destroying yourself, but you will do it apart from me, and from your family.





Don’t do meth, kids.


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