These are the drugs that I have done recreationally: marijuana, ketamine, LSD, psylocybin, ativan, vicodin, morphine (1 time was enough, barf!), and alcohol. I never did any kind of amphetamine, no mdma, no ecstacy, no cocaine, no crack, no crank, no meth. The one piece of advice that I took seriously from my brother Jon was to never ever do cocaine. Had I done so, I probably would be hooked on meth today like so many of my old friends. I’ve never done heroin, opium, any sort of barbs. I’ve never abused Xanax, though I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a few bars.

I smoke pot from time to time socially. I have a drink now and then, but other than my prescription to klonopin for my panic attacks, I don’t do any drugs. I’m too old for that bullshit. I look at these meth heads, and I’m all like “You do realize that we’re in our forties, right?”


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