Vaccinate your fucking children!!! FUCK! We don’t want babies dying from measles and whooping cough. And get your motherfucking boosters!

And make sure your daughters get the HPV vaccine. It doesn’t encourage them to have sex. It’s a PRECAUTION! You will never know when your child decides to start having sex. Do you really want your kid to have cervical cancer or genital warts?

Also, teach your teenage girls to carry condoms. Many young women need to know this too. Don’t depend on the man to provide protection. Walgreens closes at a certain hour ladies, and believe it or not, there isn’t a fucking 7 Eleven on every corner. Don’t let that boy trick you into having sex without a motherfucking CONDOM! Oh sure, he’ll pull out. YOU CAN GET PREGNANT FROM PRECUM!! There’s sperm in it.

We all know that pregnancy is the worst STD, so use a fucking condom.. and the pill.. and the sponge.. and a diaphragm…and, just to be certain, stuff an IUD up in there somewhere. THE WORLD DOESN’T NEED ANY MORE SCREAMING BRATS!


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