My Dad

My very very psychic friend Shellie spent the day with me on Thursday. We went and got my medical marijuana license then went to her dispensary where I got two strains of sativa, two strains of indica, and a honey stick. They gave me a couple of free edibles for being a first time customer.

Then we went back to my house and smoked a bowl of African Queen, one of the sativas that I purchased. It was a good clean high. Shellie connected with my father, and I told her about how he connected with my brother Jon a few years ago, and how he connected with me about ten years ago.

My brother saw him with sores and blood all over. Shellie told me that he appeared to him that way because Jon can’t look at the wrong he’s done to other people.

I saw him on the stairs down the hill one day when I was gardening. He took his glasses off and said “Hi honey.” He looked just like he did when I was real little. It was shortly after this that I started remembering the sexual abuse. Shellie said that he came back to me to help me remember, because of the choices that I had made as a consequence of being molested at such a young age.


She said that he’s moved on, he’s in the Kingdom, but that this is part of his work, seeking redemption not only for himself, but for his family as well. After she told me this she got a massive case of chills and a real burst of energy. She said it was amazing.


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