Kundalini Rising – Curse or Blessing? with Shaman Avalon Sakti

For me, the raising of my kundalini was a curse, but it was a blessing for the world, as it opened my eyes to how much power I exert over the exterior realm.

Well, I can’t say it was all bad because I released A LOT of rotten feelings and negative emotions, but I connected so deeply with the world that I wound up highly suicidal and homicidal. So even though this woman says one shouldn’t take the medications that stop the kundalini from flowing, I HAVE to in order to keep myself and others safe. It was a tough decision. I tried really hard to avoid medication but when it came down to it, I need the meds in order to survive.

I still feel energy coursing through me, but I can sleep now, and I’m not constantly vacillating between laughter and crying.





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