Honestly, I think this phenomenon called “Gangstalking” is actually the beginning of The Rapture.

These people believe that the government has targeted them for harassment. They believe that they run into episodes of “street theater” that is about their lives. They believe that they are being electronically harassed. They believe that their family and friends are “in on it.” They believe that there are smear campaigns against them.

I believe that these people are actually having shamanic experiences with their worlds. That synchronicity is flowing freely in their lives, and that they must learn to control which forces come in and out.

If you focus on dark forces, then you will be cloaked in a dark world. If this happens to you, you must declutter your life. Get rid of any addictions, get rid of old magazines, old clothes you don’t wear anymore, food items that you’re never going to eat… basically anything with stagnant energy on it. Give your house a thorough cleaning with the intention of sweeping out the darkness and bringing in the light.

Then you want to make room for light forces in your life. Buy an abundance candle and light it for an hour every day. Pray to the archangels for guidance and protection. Practice peaceful meditation. If you have a garden or a balcony, buy some beautiful wind chimes. Listen to classical music, particularly Mozart. Look up some positive affirmations for you to say every day. Take care of your physical health. Most importantly, be very generous with Love. But love the right way. Obsessive love isn’t really Love. Learn to give up the negative and allow the positive in your life, and you will see brighter synchronicity flow throughout.

Always remember, privacy is an illusion. There really is no such thing. Adam and Eve discovered this when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge.


Actual individuals who have been targeted by the government usually wind up dead. Just sayin’.

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