Occult Books

My approach to reading and understanding occult books is like a computer downloading information and programs. I read them, and usually get rid of them after I’m finished. Anything useful that I’ve obtained from them will manifest in my life. All the chaff will simply fall away. I’m not the kind of magickian who cares that much about correspondences, astrology, or tarot unless I am using it for a specific work. I can’t tell you how many tarot decks I’ve gone through because I needed one particular card for a spell. I don’t collect these things, I APPLY them.

Any information that I actually need to hold on to I can look up on the internet. That’s why I don’t own a dictionary anymore. I used my last set for a spell. I had some pretty flowers pressed in that one, too.

My whole life is about magick. I weave everything I own, eat, say, write, do into my Will Work. All of my makeup is charged. All of my books. All of my vitamins. All of my hygienic products. All of my cleaning supplies. All of my clothing. Everything. I am walking Magick.

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