Black Ceremonial or Baneful Magick

I study Black Magick in order to know how it works, and exactly what to do when I am confronted by it. The last Black Magick that I had confronted was a den of meth addicts. I am convinced that methamphetamines were conjured out of pure black magick, as its use turns its practitioners into lying, cheating, thieving scoundrels. Those people are full of lesser demons that are just out to wreak havoc on this world. I combated it by being in a state of perpetual communion with Jesus when I was there. I ALWAYS had a glass of red wine in my hand, and I almost always had a piece of cake every time I visited that house. Fucking kept me pure and unharmed. Everybody always said that I had a sort of heavenly glow about me. Yeah, I had ten angels protecting me! I was just there to kill my friend. He wanted to die, but felt that he had to continue on living for all the people who depended on him. I helped clear his path by being as Holy a presence in his house that I could be. That place was fucking Evil on Earth. They should’ve burned that house down after he died.


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