Belle in the Box

My family is of European descent, but we’re Black. There are others like us here. See, there’s a parallel universe where Britney Spears and The Dixie Chicks are black artists performing R&B and Aaliyah, Beyonce, and Destiny’s Child,¬†are all white and perform Country. Well, it’s not exactly parallel. It’s the Underworld, and I know it […]

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The Satanic Bible   2/28/2017 So I’ve started reading The Satanic Bible and I’m officially intrigued. After getting through that boring foreword by Peter Gilmore I read the Preface, the Prologue and the Nine Satanic Statements. I have found that I have had to read paragraphs over again to really get the point. This is not the […]

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Legalize Hemp

We’re about to go into WORLD WAR THREE because we just can’t seem to get ourselves off that Saudi teet. Just fucking legalize hemp already and offer people credit for converting their tanks to bio fuel. Christ almighty! We don’t NEED those people!

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