Occult Books

My approach to reading and understanding occult books is like a computer downloading information and programs. I read them, and usually get rid of them after I’m finished. Anything useful that I’ve obtained from them will manifest in my life. All the chaff will simply fall away. I’m not the kind of magickian who cares […]

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Magickal Realities

A lot of us people who have experienced a magickal state of reality don’t know what to call the specific types of experiences, so we turn to so-called gurus (cult leaders and con artists) to define them for us, and as a result, get lost in a lot of bullshit. These are the things that […]

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Honestly, I think this phenomenon called “Gangstalking” is actually the beginning of The Rapture. These people believe that the government has targeted them for harassment. They believe that they run into episodes of “street theater” that is about their lives. They believe that they are being electronically harassed. They believe that their family and friends […]

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BDSM Ethereal-Style

When I step into a “scene,” I rarely know what’s going on consciously. I play my part, knowing on a subconscious level what to do. I usually see the “scene” years ahead of time and write my part according to my feelings at the time of knowing. My feelings aren’t necessarily the same at the […]

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Church of Satan

I have no problem with the antics of the Church of Satan. They’re keeping the separation of church and state pristine in this country.   People need to stop looking for the 666 in others, and start seeking the Righteousness in themselves.   The thing that’s great about the internet is that you can bear […]

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The Weeknd

You know, there are so many talented people out there who never get a break, and then there’s The Weeknd. His songs are mediocre at best, singing about fucking “bitches” and passing them off because he doesn’t care. WTF? Why is this misogyny so popular with the ladies? Is this truly what the young women […]

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Hatian Voodoo

My spirit guide is a black male, so he had me doing things that resembled parts of Voodoo and Hoodoo. For a long while after my descent back to humanity, I studied both of these paths. Mostly Hoodoo. Hoodoo is a form of Lower Magick that is practiced primarily by African Americans, although the retailers […]

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