I’m a Grown Woman

The trouble with emotional trauma is that it stays in the body, and it manifests itself in different ways. With me, it has been my weight, my knees, and my teeth. With other people, it may be acne, cancer, diabetes, etc. The worst part about emotional trauma is that it creates PTSD, so as one […]

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UFOs and Serial Killers

Finished two books this week: Majestic by Whitley Strieber and Deviant by Harold Schechter. They were both good fast reads. Deviant is about Ed Gein, the killer from Plainfield, Wisconsin, who killed two women and dug up the graves of about nine others. He made shrunken heads out of the corpses, latticed chairs with strips […]

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RIP Aunt Sally

he robber had to time it just right.  Snatch the iPhone as the train pulled up to the platform and the doors opened, creating a quick getaway. It’s among the most common crimes on the CTA, with the exploding popularity of smartphones that command high prices on the black market. But this time, in a […]

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